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We can help you with the following services. If your need is not listed here, don’t hesitate to contact us!

YES! I DO! We help you with the entire process, from civil documents to the ceremony.


Marriage is a big decision. Divorce is an even bigger one. We are here to help.


We translate all types of documents from English to Spanish and vice versa.


We can support you with your residences, citizenships, visas, consular process and more!

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We want to make your life easier, we give you integral solutions for the management of procedures that could take much more time.

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With us you have your own team of consultants.

When in doubt about the preparation of documents, notarizations, legal proceedings, or other matters, you can count on us to guide you.

Customer testimonials

Enden Castillo

“I urgently needed a letter of permission so that my son, who is a minor, could leave Honduras unhindered, and Lenny painstakingly and quickly wrote my letter in Spanish as well as I could write it in English, since she is a notary Bilingual, and with great professionalism I answer all my questions regarding my case; When I need your notarization services, exit permits, apostilles and other legal documents, or think twice, I go directly to Lenny Moran.”

Mirna Murga

“Hi my people. I want to tell you my experience with Mrs. Lenny. I have had the best experience and the best service with her. I have done several procedures such as immigration letter, notary paper, among other things and with a speed that is what I liked the most. I recommend it to everyone and above all it is economical in its prices.”

José Hurtado

“I would like to inform you that Lenny Moran has maintained a professional quality relationship during the time he was providing legal services for me. She was characterized by being always attentive and ready for work. With a willingness to solve problems and respond quickly and efficiently to the different requirements and activities to be performed. I appreciate your commitment and willingness to work.”